Cập nhật đề thi IELTS ngày 21/07/2018

Tôi Học IELTS cập nhập đến các bạn đề thi IELTS ngày 21/07/2018. Các bạn cùng tham khảo để hoàn chuẩn bị cho đợt thi sắp tới nhé!

Phần IELTS Writing:

Task 1: Line graph (the air pollution of the United Kingdom from 1990 to 2005)

Task 2: Many university students live with their families while others live away from home because their universities are in different places. What are the advantages and disadvantages both situations

Phần IELTS Speaking

Part 1:

- Do you work or are you a student?
- Why do you choose that school?
- What do you feel about the first day at school?
- Are you usually on time?
- Why people need to be on time?
- What do you feel when you wait for another people?

Part 2: 

Describe a job you are interested in 
You should say:
What the job is
What skills do that job need?
And explain why do you choose that job

and explain why the surprise made you happy.

Part 3:

- Which age do you think children should think about choosing their career?
- What are some well-paid jobd and low-paid jobs in Vietnam
- Should people have only 1 job or having different jobs in their career?

Các bạn sắp thi tham khảo nhé!
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