Tổng hợp các thành ngữ Idioms thông dụng - Phần 3

Nếu muốn giao tiếp được bằng tiếng Anh (hiểu được người ta đang nói gì) thì một vấn đề cực kì quan trọng mà mọi người không thể bỏ qua đó là các thành ngữ trong tiếng Anh (idioms in English).

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- Adding fuel to the fire: To make an argument or disagreement worse.(đổ thêm dầu vào lửa)
Ex: I wanted to help, but I was afraid I would add fuel to the fire.

- Beat around the bush: Speak indirectly or evasively, not directly address the problem. Used when someone doesn’t say what he or she means.( vòng vo tam quốc)
Ex: Stop beating around the bush and give us your final decision.

- Butterflies in your stomach: The nervous feeling before something important or stressful is known as butterflies in your stomach.
Ex: Why do you get butterflies in your stomach ?

- Easier said than done: Used to say that something would be very difficult to do.
Ex: Finding the perfect love was easier said than done

- End with a bang: If an event goes out with a bang, it is very exciting and successful.
Ex: A karaoke machine? That should help your party go out with a bang!

- Every cloud has a silver lining: Used to say that there is something good even in a situation that seems very sad or difficult. (trong cái rủi vẫn có cái may)
Ex: “I found a new job after all, and I like this one even better than the last.”
Reply: “You see? Every cloud has a silver lining.”

- Get it off your chest: To tell someone about something that has been worrying or annoying you for along time, so that you feel better afterwards.

Ex: Charlie was feeling bad about cheating on his wife, so he got it off his chest and told her about it. She divorced him soon after.

- Give me a break: Used when you want someone to stop doing or saying something that is annoying you.

Ex: I once went for 50 hours without sleep.
Oh, give me a break, that’s impossible.

- Hit it out of the park: It means it was a great success.
Ex: You hit out of the park with your presentation.

- Hold your horses: used to tell someone to do something more slowly of carefully.
Ex: Hold your horse ! It’s dangerous !

- In your shoes: Having the same experience as someone else.
Ex: You’re alone. Lots of people are in your shoes, looking for work.

- In the nick of time: Just before it is too late or just before something bad happens.
Ex: Luckily, Help arrived in the nick of time.

- Once every blue moon: Not very often.
Ex: It only happens like this once every blue moon.

- Out of the blue: If something happens out of the blue, it is very unexpected.

- Rule of thumb: A rough figure or method of calculation, based on practical experience.
Ex: As a general rule of thumb, children this age should not spend more than one hour on homework.

- Sick and tired: To be angry and bored because something unpleasant has been happening for a long time.
Ex: You’ve been giving me the same old excuses for months and I was sick and tired of hearing them.

- Sleep on it: to not make imediately decision about a plan or idea. But wait until the next day in order to have more time.
Ex: You don’t give me your decision now. Sleep on it, and let me know tomorrow.

- Taste of your own medicine: If you give someone a taste of their own medicine, you do something bad to someone that they have done to you to teach them a lesson.
Ex: He stole John’s wallet. So I stole his, giving him a taste of his own medicine

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