21 chủ đề thường gặp trong phần thi IELTS Writing

Tổng hợp đề thi IELTS qua nhiều năm, mặc dù các đề IELTS Writing khá đa dạng nhưng các câu hỏi không quá rộng mà thường xoay quanh các chủ đề chính trong đời sống, xã hội. Cùng xem lại những chủ đề thường xuất hiện trong bài thi Writing IELTS và chuẩn bị một kế hoạch ôn tập thật tốt cho bài Writing IELTS đạt điểm cao nhé.

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EDUCATION: probably the most common topic 2013. Areas to cover include: the role of the teacher in educating the child. The topics children should study in schools. What is the role of schools/university: to educate, help business or create the best society possible. The use of technology in education. Co-education versus single sex education. Setting according to ability versus mixed ability classes.

CUSTOMS and CULTURE: the decline of traditional customs. Are cultures becoming more alike? The impact of computers/technology on culture; the impact of tourism on host countries

CRIME: much less common now but still asked. Views on crime and punishment. Drug use.

GOVERNMENT: this can come in many different forms – when talking about schools, the environment, charities, health, advertising. The question is really always the same: What role should the state play in society. This is quite tough to answer at first but once you grasp it you will pray you are asked a government question.

ADVERTISING: your favorite advert. An advert you remember as a child. An advert that influenced you to buy something. The morality of advertising, particularly in relation to children.

TRANSPORT: traffic. The use of public transport.

GLOBALISATION: usually looked at from the point of view of the developing nation: how does tourism affect developing countries. Immigration is commonly asked too.

ENVIRONMENT: what can be done to lessen environmental damage. People’s role and government’s role.

FAMILY: more common in speaking and General IELTS. Care for the elderly. The size of the family.

GENDER: less common now than in the past, questions on gender and education still common in speaking and writing.

HEALTH: role of government in promoting health: state health systems, private healthcare. How to reduce the use of alcohol.

SCIENCE: a very broad topic admittedly but one that is easy to learn: what is science’s role in society. Should we encourage more science/maths in schools? Why has science declined as a subject at university level? The humanities versus science.

SHOPPING: favourite shops and shopping malls. Materialistic society.

SPORT: sports you have played. The state of professional sport. The role of sport in society.

TECHNOLOGY: the internet and mobile phones: how have they changed communication? Describe a piece of technology you own.

TOURISM: holidays you have been on; positives and negatives of tourism, for the individual tourist, and for the host country.

URBANISATION – CITY LIFE: do you live in a city. Why are cities more popular with young people? City life is more stressful than life in small towns and villages – discuss.

HOUSING – BUILDINGS: Do you live in a house or apartment. Name a building you like. Should governments build more housing?

WATER: water supply – should government regulate the supply of water.

WORK: work/life balance; work for young people; globalisation and the workplace.

PEOPLE and PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: mostly in IELTS Speaking. Tell about a (famous) person and the interaction between you and that person. The positive – negative experience in the past. Past/ Future Achievement.

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